today finds me sitting at work, disaffected by the barrage of rain and tornadoes that has beseiged montgomery in the last few hours. it's surreal- sometimes i panic and worry in situations, and at others i remain cool as a cucumber. i opt for the latter today. i've survived hurricanes, flash floods, and tornadoes. when it's my time to go, it's my time to go, but generally the things that these acts of nature commit are temporary.

i remember my freshman year of high school in panama city when hurricane opal took out my house. we ran as far as we could from that storm, until it caught up with us in troy. huddled in a church shelter i slept through the sound of trains wrecking and trees splitting. i experienced having all of my stuff ruined and starting over from nothing. it wasn't fun by any means, but it was a lesson in how temporary things are in this world. what does anybody ever really need in order to get by and enjoy life? computers? cell phones? vaulted ceilings and stainless steel appliances?

focus on the eternal.

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