can't complain

i didn't vote. not that i wasn't planning on it, but after "educating" myself on what was out there candidate-wise, i just didn't have it in me to discern the lesser evils from the greater ones. on one hand you have people running for office who don't do their job, who say they have a platform but don't stick to it, and who appear to be idiots in general; while, on the other hand, you have mudslingers who want to replace the current system, but have nothing to stand on because they are too busy demeaning the character of their competition. why should i vote for either of these?

which is why i didn't vote at all. i have no guilt about it, no shame that i didn't exercise my God-given right (some might say obligation) and go hit some random buttons behind a curtain.

so last night i rediscovered the best feeling in the world, a feeling that only happens when you hand a girl flowers and chocolate, a feeling that washes over you like the million little sparkles in her eyes as she opens the door, a feeling that exhilarates inexhaustibly as she leans in to kiss you.

God, i'm head over heels in love.

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