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work is great. it's getting cold. had 5 minutes free today, so i thought i'd go ahead and change up the appearance for the impending "winter of '06." i hear it's gonna get as low as 65 degrees... brrr... i hope it gets really cold this year- i've always hated when it gets cold enough to be annoying and uncomfortable, but not quite cold enough for a scarf and gloves. i loves me some scarves and gloves!

i love work. it's a good fit for my personality. i am the leasing and marketing director for an apartment property here in montgomery, and i finally get to enjoy the perks of an 8-5 fulltime job with complete benefits. woo-hoo! american dream in sight!... shoot, i'm still just trying to focus on one thing at a time, getting by and saving a little at a time.

i'm registered for classes as of today! indiana state's criminology department has me signed up for the spring, and i can't wait to crack open the books and start on my master of science in criminology. i'm going full-steam ahead, taking courses in evidence, criminal law, and deviance. should prove quite interesting.

other than that, i'm busy living and loving, getting ready to pen another chapter for the next couple of years.

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